• The Gourmet Detective

    Universal Channel Channel 21

    Wednesday, 31 May @8PM JKT
    A suspicious sabotage ends in a shocking murder in a five-star restaurant. Top chef, Henry Ross and city’s best investigator, Maggie Price must work together to investigate all of San Francisco’s top culinary chefs to solve tHe mystery death.

  • Doggy Days

    National Geographic Wild Channel 43

    Premieres 4 May, Every Thursday @5:50 PM JKT
    Unlikely Animal Friends: Bark-tacular features our favorite canine companions from the series everyone loves. These dogs will delight and surprise as they play, cuddle and bond with their best friends of all shapes and sizes.

  • Hunted

    KIX Channel 25

    Starting 3 May, Every Wednesday @8PM JKT
    Hunted follows nine teams of two in a real-life manhunt as they attempt the nearly impossible task of disappearing in today’s vast digital world as highly skilled investigators combine state-of-the-art tracking methods with traditional tactics to pursue and catch them.

  • Outcast S2

    FOX Channel 26

    Every Monday @8PM JKT
    In the second season of Outcast, the exploration and mystery of what lies behind the supernatural manifestations and why they are drawn to Kyle Barnes continues. 

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows

    HBO Channel 2

    Saturday, 6 May @8PM JKT
    The teenage mutant ninja turtles team up with Casey Jones to save the world from super villain Shredder’s evil plan and face their biggest enemy, Krang.

  • How Healthy is Laughter?

    DW Channel 157

    Thursday, 4 May @11:30PM JKT
    Laughter is something we can be trained to do, and all around the world people are attendin seminars and courses in laughter yoga. In Good Shape tries out one such course to find out whether laughing really is the best medicine.

  • Xiao Ming and His Buddies

    Celestial Movies Channel 19

    Sunday, 21 May @8PM JKT
    Xiao Ming, who has grown up lacking the care and love from his separated parents, invites his friends to his house for a party. But by bragging about how rich his family is, he unwittingly attracts two thieves in this hilarious comedy.

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