• Dead Again

    Thrill Channel 9

    Every Thursday @9PM JKT
    Catch the latest show on Thrill produced by Law & Order creator and executive producer Dick Wolf. Dead Again follows a top team of detectives who re-examine controversial murder cases in which unresolved questions still linger long after the verdict was determined.

  • Wild Sri Lanka: Paradise Island

    National Geographic Wild Channel 43

    Everyday @9:25PM JKT
    What makes Sri Lanka so diverse, and its wildlife so unique?

  • The Accountant

    HBO Channel 2

    With the law enforcement closing in, a math savant who works with criminal organisations takes on a legitimate client only to find a discrepancy in their books

  • Gone Baby Gone

    KIX Channel 25

    Saturday, 4 November @8PM JKT
    Along with his girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan), a private detective (Casey Affleck) takes on the difficult task of searching for a kidnapped girl in Boston. During his investigation, he must deal with the girl's aunt, a disapproving lawman (Morgan Freeman) and a drug dealer.

  • Rogue One

    FOX Movies Premium Channel 7

    Saturday, 11 November @8PM JKT
    A group of unlikely heroes from the Rebel Alliance band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction, setting up the epic saga to follow.

  • Matter of Respect

    FMN Channel 31

    Monday - Friday @8:20PM JKT
    Everything begins with the kilic family’s move to Istanbul. Moving to Istanbul is Zeliha’s biggest dream. Zeliha and her husband Hasan have two sons and have a perfect life but then someone commits suicide.

  • Texas Cake House 1

    DIVA Universal Channel 29

    Every Monday @7PM JKT
    Find out what it takes for married couple, Natalie and Dave, to create such incredibly intricate and detail-oriented sugary creations out of a successful cake studio in Austin. Jaw-dropping visuals of their masterpiece is a bonus! No matter how crazy the client’s request are– from a realistic animal cake to desserts that fly– the duo never fail to impress with their awe-inspiring creations!

  • Despicable Me 2

    Disney Channel Channel 45

    Sunday, 26 November @10AM JKT
    Trouble is on the horizon for Gru, the reformed criminal, as the Anti-Villains League calls him up with an urgent request. There’s a mysterious new character who has breached top level security and stolen a highly classified virus! But Gru believes that together with his minions, they’re still the best in class! Join the minions in cracking this case on Disney Channel this Saturday, on 26th November, starting 10am!

  • Kung Fu Yoga

    Celestial Movies Channel 19

    Sunday, 12 November @8PM JKT
    Jack (Jackie Chan), a world-renowned archaeology professor, and his team are on a grand quest to locate a lost ancient Indian treasure when they are ambushed by a team of mercenaries and left for dead. Surviving the ambush, Jack decides to lead his team on a fast-paced race around the world to beat the mercenaries to the treasure in this hilarious action-comedy.

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